In Minnesota, roughly 50% of students of color do not graduate from high school.  That’s a major problem.  Our College Crew program is a response.  


College Crew is a culturally-responsive, leadership development and college readiness program for 7th -12th graders that nurtures urban youth in seven program areas:

  • Academic support/college preparation

  • Community service/engagement

  • Financial literacy/economic dignity

  • Health/wellness

  • Personal/leadership development

  • Positive relationship/network building

  • Spiritual/character growth














Our original OWN IT, SEE IT, BE IT © curriculum is culturally responsive and nurtures hope, agency, resilience, and other non-cognitive skills that research proves is most important for academic and life-long success.  College Crew is committed to helping underachieving youth, many of whom attend urban public schools and are at risk of not graduating high school on time or at all, discover their potential and destiny.  College Crew youth graduate our program inspired to imagine the positive impact they can have in the world by becoming leaders of tomorrow today through meaningful, tangible opportunities.Our vision is to ensure that all College Crew youth graduate high school on time prepared to confidently continue onto and successfully complete post-secondary educational opportunities.  In seven years we have achieved a 100% success rate and awarded over $22,000 in scholarships to College Crew graduates.


FOR MORE INFORMATION about College Crew 2019-2020, please contact Pastor Jessica Jackson at