Founded by Pastor Jess, Talking in Circles Institute (TICI) is a collaborative of consultants, educators and faith leaders who are committed to the Circle process as a better way to be and to build effective and equitable relationships, teams, organizations, schools and communities.


At TICI, we understand that building well does not start with what we do, but who we be.


Circle creates a safe space for self-reflection and head-to-heart engagement with others that supports building together in creative, transformative, and sustainable ways.  Circle supports us in creatively addressing complex 21st century human and institutional dilemmas in a way that embraces necessary change and frees us from being stuck and spinning our wheels.  That's why Talking in Circles is a better way to be and to build.


If you are interested in knowing more about TICI's facilitation, consulting, leadership coaching, certification training and/or research, contact us.