IMPACT LIVING Ministry, formerly IMPACT LIVING Christian Center, is a people movement and family-oriented community of believers.  We share a common faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and commitment to our as well as other’s spiritual growth and development. Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Timothy Jackson and Lead Pastor Jessica Jackson, we are focused to serve God, one another, and the community as problem-solvers and institution-builders. ILCC was birthed in Pastor Tim’s heart as a teenager and ultimately came into existence July 2005 in the Hiawatha YMCA Community Room. After leaving the YMCA and leasing a storefront, we purchased our current facility in October 2012 and consistent with our vision of financial stewardship, we paid it off in full in three years.



Our Mission


God’s Word impacts us and we impact the world.



Our Vision


  • To educate believers on how to have a growing, healthy and mature relationship with Christ through the application of God's Word and principles to everyday living


  • To empower believers to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose


  • To encourage believers to serve Christ and others by extending God’s love to people in a meaningful way that ultimately wins others to Christ


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